Ordering Labels

What is the ordering Process?

Are you getting ready to place an order for labels and you’re not sure what or how to go about doing it? Maybe you just don’t like how your label printer is making you place orders currently? Either way, placing orders should be simple and easy for you as a customer. At Label Tech we have a simple and easy ordering system. When you have a quote that you are satisfied with the next step is very easy to take. First, you should put together a purchase order (commonly referred to as a PO) to give to your label manufacturer. You should put a PO number on your own purchase order so that you can track it in your own system. On your PO you should make reference to the name of the label being ordered by giving it some sort of brief description as well as referencing the approved pricing. You should also reference the quote number that your printer has given you. The next step would be to send your printer the art.

purchase order template large resized 600

Once we have the quote, PO and artwork at Label Tech we will immediately assemble a job folder and get you set up as a customer. This job folder will have everything in it that we need to know to make your labels! Your job folder will be entered in the label tech system and then we will begin the proofing process. Our art room will email you a proof or mail you a hard copy for your approval. You will want to pay close attention to things like pms colors, rewind codes, and overall size to make sure if any changes need to be made we can correct them immediately. Once we have the approved proof we will start scheduling the job for production.

Please allow about 10 business days for us to make your labels from receipt of your PO and art! If you need something done sooner feel free to ask. Label Tech is open 24 hours a day so often times we can get jobs moved up. 

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