Label Materials

What are my choices in material?

When choosing a specific material to run your labels on there are many things to take in to consideration. Probably the most important factor is application. How your label is being used can easily dictate what kind of material your label printer should run through the press. For example: if you were making a label that went on a toxic waste drum that was going to be sitting outside you might not want to choose a material with low adhesive tack. Whereas if you wanted a label that would simply cling by static you might not want to order a material that has any adhesive at all! There are some simple rules of thumb that you can follow when choosing a material that best suits your product but ultimately you really should have a conversation with your printer about application before a final choice is made.


There are a wide variety of papers and films as well as vinyl and foils that can be chosen for your label. Just as wide of a variety appears when you start looking at adhesives. If your product is a jar of salsa and it is being “hot” filled then you really need to take into consideration what temperature your jar will be when the label is applied. If you spec in the wrong adhesive you could end up with all kinds of issues ranging from bubbling to peeling to just plain non-stick. None of these results would be favorable for you! 

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