Label Sizes

What is the best size to make my labels?

If you are making a new product that you are getting ready to take to market and it needs a label, then you may want to take a few things in to consideration. If you already have a product but your packaging and labeling isn’t really getting the job done then you might want to consider a re-design or possibly even a change in sizing.

Chances are you already have the bottle, box, bag or whatever your product goes in to and you are trying to figure out the best size label to put on your product. The answer to this is simple: pick a product in your same industry that is successful and try to come up with something similar, or dare to be completely different. If you are labeling a simple jar you could go with a standard rectangular die shape or a standard circle or oval. Choosing die shapes is easy when you use a well-established label printer. Chances are they have quite a collection and can match whatever size you are looking for either exactly or approximately. Label Tech Inc has just shy of 6,000 cutting dies in house to choose from.

Rotary Die Cutting resized 600

If you are trying to be different then perhaps you want to consider a special shape and size die. Think of a starburst, or a palm tree. Neither really fall in to a standard shape or size. If you really want to set yourself apart from the pack a special shape die can be one way to do it. Talk with your graphic designer and see what kinds of suggestions they may have. Whatever the design is, your label printer should be able to order it directly from their die manufacturer. Keep in mind however, typically the more complex the die shape- the more expensive too! If you choose to stick with your commercial printer, more often then not, they will pay to maintain your die so you can continue to use it as your product sales soar!

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