Digital Printing

What Is Digital Printing?

What is digital printing and can you benefit from it? Digital label printing is still a relatively new form of printing however, it has been growing in demand and popularity since it's inception. A digital press is basically like a gigantic, high color copy machine. Digital label printing is ideal for about 10,000 custom labels or less depending on size. Ideally, it is any job for a printer that is approximately 6,500 feet of material or less that is running through the press. Digital printing can significantly lower the cost of production for a printer by combining aspects of pre-press, production, and finishing all in to one machine. 

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There are cost savings for the customer as well. A tremendous cost savings for the customer is that with a digital press, there are zero plate charges! Not to mention that the dies for a piece of digital finishing equipment can be hundreds of dollars less than a die for a flexographic press. Printing digital labels generally will not produce nearly as much waste as printing flexographically and there is significantly less set up time involved as well. 

If you have a company with short runs of labels or even long runs with multiple skus then you may want to have your work quoted digitally. If you are keeping your work with a printer who can't run your work digitally you may be getting nickel and dimed on plate charges and new die costs. Your quality may be suffering too- digital labels are typically higher quality than flexo labels as the press is not capable of making discrepancies between labels. There are no plates to clean and no change overs between skus. Call us today to have your work quoted digitally!

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