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On Pack Labels- Redeeming Dry Technology.

Dry Technology Products can be a powerful marketing tool! This weeks Blog is brought to you by Mike Szymanski. With decades of experience in the label and packaging industry Mike can speak to a multitude of solutions for almost any application!

Instant Redeemable Coupons (IRC) are a label product which is most commonly applied to retail products to offer an instant in store discount or mail in rebate.

The removable coupon is created when the facestock and top film ply of the coupon base are separated from the bottom film ply on the substrate or the product its applied to. The dry coupon (no adhesive) can be printed in four color process or in just a couple of colors, many facestocks are available for the many different construction possibilities. Coupons are designed for automatic applications and they will all remove cleanly with no adhesive residue. Built in lift tab areas can be designed to facilitate consumer acceptance and will not obstruct the graphics underneath.

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IRCs can be presented and promotionally developed as a turnaround tool, for return coupons, proof of purchase, receipt cards, sweepstakes programs, and promotional labels.  Direct mail is another marketing use of this type of tool and its capabilities. One direct mail marketing use would be temporary I.D. cards. The garment industry would use this type of label as a removable hang tag, or another non-tacky type label.

The marketing of instant on-pack coupons, used on the outside of a package and that are removed and redeemed instantly for the product inside have the highest rate of success. This type of application has the highest redemption rate because you just peel and redeem, no clipping, saving or searching. List price is maintained by on-pack coupons, and eliminates double bookkeeping by the manufacturer and retailer. On-pack coupons can be implemented quickly with packaging changes being unnecessary and savings advantages offered without impairing brand image. Instant coupons encourage trial purchase and reward brand loyalty. Product labeling like food labels and beverage labels can be used like a coupon to market sweepstakes, games and contests to generate consumer involvement and brand recognition.

To ensure success of your coupon program we can suggest and supply ideas and the necessary materials that will aid in the specifications and pertinent information for construction design, development, and application of yoour labeling projects. Samples can be supplied upon request.   

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The Seemingly Endless Possibilities of Printing Variable Data Labels.

Have you considered using variable information to personalize a label? Are you currently using a sequentially numbered labeling system to keep track of inventory? Wouldn't it be nice to put your customer's names on their products to personalize them? Well, what is variable information and what can you really do with it? There's more to variable information than just scratch tickets and consecutively numbered labels! We sat down with Plant Manager and variable data labels expert Peter Mullen this week to get his thoughts. Here's what he had to say.

What is variable information and how do we use it? Variable information is just what it says, a constant stream of data that can change label to label or line to line. You can use this information for anything from individually numbered municipal parking permits to a whole system that will allow you to pinpoint the location of any item on any rack in your inventory. Some other areas our customers have used variable data are to personalize a promotional item, bringing a sense of intimacy to your product that can have real impact. Nothing gets your attention more than seeing your name on a printed item, almost guaranteeing the person you are trying to target will read it.

One of the most common ways to use variable information is scratch off tickets which are used for more then just the lottery. I have seen tickets printed for internal use by some of the larger companies in world. These companies use the scratch off ticket as a way to keep their employees engaged by quizzing them on questions dealing with their business and giving prizes for scratching off the correct answer.

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Most companies that print variable data have several ways to accomplish this from ink jet to ION deposition to the new generation of digital printing presses. Ink jet and ION deposition when used in conjunction with a flexographic printing press can produce dramatic static graphics with as much variable information as can fit on the label. These presses due to their speed of running and selection of inks such as water base and ultraviolet make them an excellent choice for larger running jobs.

If your requirements include smaller quantities, then a digital press is the way to go. A digital press offers superior quality and is capable of printing each label with as much information change as needed including graphics. The beauty of printing your labels with a digital press is all the graphic changes can be done with out the added cost of purchasing plates that would be necessary on a conventional press.

Whichever process you chose to print your labels may be dictated by the subject and quantity of the pieces you are printing, but the possibilities to use variable information are endless.

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