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What are the Requirements for UL Label Printing?

UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.) is a safety consulting and certification company. 

They set standards and test products to make sure they meet their standards. UL is a private, not-for-profit, non-government company.  The company’s approval process focuses on electrical devices and components as well as fire safety products.  Recently they’ve expanded their consulting and certification expertise to broader safety issues, such as hazardous substances, water quality, food safety, performance testing and environmental sustainability.

Adopting the UL certification system is on a voluntary basis.  Federal law does not require UL approval.  UL’s popularity is due to the fact that many insurance companies will not insure a new product without UL approval.  Many companies will not purchase or distribute electronics without a UL approval.  Also, local law may prevent businesses from using non-UL approved electronics. 

UL Label Printing Company

The UL certification can be largely divided into two levels: Listing certification and Recognition certification.  UL Listing generally means a certification for a final product.  UL Recognition means a certification for a part or a component built into a product.

To establish certification, a product is submitted by the manufacturer for testing and evaluation. 

If UL decides the product fulfills all applicable requirements, it authorizes the manufacturer to apply a UL Certification Mark to the product or component. Once a company is granted approval to apply the UL Certification Mark to its product or component, the UL Label printer must submit a design layout of the UL Mark to a UL label center for review to verify that all required information is in an acceptable format.  The labels must be reviewed to ensure they meet basic requirements set by UL.   This program oversees review of labels by determining how they actually perform at the end-user level.  Numerous factors go into determining if a label will get approval.  Most important are the materials used in the manufacturing of the labels.  Among the concerns is how well the label will hold up against the wear they will likely endure in the marketplace.  Labels are often exposed to humidity, heat and oils that can damage them.  It is because of these factors that only certain materials are UL approved for manufacturing labels.  The UL label center also measures the area of labels where printing can occur and the appearance of the printing in terms of legibility and prominence. 

Once the label is approved by UL, an authorized UL label supplier must be used when manufacturing the label.  Under the authorized label supplier program, companies are required to use only UL listed labels that have been supplied by authorized companies.  These are companies that Underwriters Laboratories have approved.  They have endured a certification process that ensures they comply with various UL labeling requirements.  Search for approved label suppliers here

When it comes to printing your UL approved label, get in touch with an approved label manufacturer for guidance through the process.

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UL Labels- Is Your Label Manufacturer Certified??

How do you plan on certifying your product's safety? Perhaps you have considered writing a garauntee on your product's packaging? Or, if you are looking to be official then you are probably looking in to the Underwriters Laboratories- otherwise known as UL. Headquartered in Illinois, the UL develops standards and test procedures for products, materials, components, assemblies, tools and equipment, primarily having to do with product safety. Chances are if you are looking for a UL certification then you are also going to need a UL certified label printer. 

The UL mark on your product is a powerful statement that signifies your product has gone through stringent testing and is certified by Underwriters laboratories as safe for the general public. Now you need a label that will announce that fact to the consumer. Not all printers are certified by Underwriters Laboratories to print these labels. Just as the product itself, the label manufacturer needs to go through the same stringent testing to be recognized by Underwriters laboratories as being certified to print “the mark” that signifies UL acceptance of the process and materials used to produce the label. The label manufacturer must be qualified as part of Underwriters laboratories component-marking and labeling systems for the privilege and right to print the UL mark.

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Many products fall into the category that would require this level of certification some samples being appliances, electrical cords and other electronic devices. If you are looking for a UL certified label manufacturer then you have come to the right place. Stay tuned for more valuable pressure sensitive label information from Label Tech Inc.

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Topics: UL Certified Label Printer UL Certified Label Manufacturer UL and CSA Certified Label Printer UL labels
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