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Scratch and Win!!!

Scratch-and-win cards are a wonderful tool that can be used as an effective advertising campaign. 

They can generate incredible excitement within your community for new products, prizes or customer rewards campaigns.  They are great motivators for employee incentive programs and can effectively drive customers to websites, increasing company revenue and promoting brand name recognition.  Scratch-off material is most popularly used with lottery tickets.  Other uses include phone cards and gift cards.

It is proven that consumers interact 10 times longer with a scratch-and-win than with any other promotion.  Industry advertising studies report that sweepstakes activity has steadily increased over the last 10 years by more than 25 to 30 percent.  Their continued popularity may be partly due to the somewhat limited number of promotional options available to marketers and an increase in the nationwide phenomenon of "Lotto Fever".  Or it may simply be the fact that sweeps, contests, and games offer certain advantages, such as fixed-budget liability (as opposed to open-ended liability situations, such as refunds and/or premium programs that, when more successful than anticipated, have the potential of "breaking the bank").

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The silver scratch-off material is known as UV ink, not the ink that becomes visible under UV light as is referred to on Wikipedia, but an ink that dries under UV radiation.  The production of scratch-off tickets is a multi-step process.  First, the variable data is printed on a substrate.  The substrate is then either laminated with a self-wound laminate or varnished with a release coat varnish.  The lamination/varnish gives the face of the material a smooth finish, allowing the scratch-off ink to come off easily.  Then a thick layer of special scratch-off black UV ink is laid down.  Then, a silver or gold ink is laid down on top of the scratch-off ink.  An optional third step could involve printing text or images over the scratch-off area, with yet another type of UV ink.

If your’re looking to enhance any promotion or advertising campaign, remember: a scratch off ticket plays upon people’s love of surprise and the unknown

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