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Novelty Labels Revitalizing Custom Label Products!

What is a novelty label? Good question. Perhaps the greatest overlooked aspect of the label industry on the whole would be the novelty of a label or a "novelty label." Novelty labels are any kind of label that can be for fun, unusual, or new applications. For instance they may come in the form of kid's stickers at the doctor's office, or possible a coupon, or maybe a metallic label, or even an IRC label. Think about people using bumper stickers and making statements about who they are or what they believe in. However, novelty labels can be more than just bumper stickers and kid's stickers. Novelty labels can also be anything that is new and unusual. 

There are a wide array of materials and processes that can give a label novelty. Take holographic or fasprism materials for instance. These are materials designed for pressure sensitive printing that have a metallic sheen to them often times with some sort of reflective prism qualities to them. The company Kra-Ze out of Connecticut uses a holographic hot stamp on their clear "no-look" label. The result? Attention grabbing shelf appeal.

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Another way of creating a novelty label may be in the way the label is die cut. Inner die cuts can help a label have more than one application. Die cutting can help a label company get real creative when it comes to making labels for their customers. In the medical industry alone we are seeing more and more complex label designs not to mention health and beauty labels. Tamper proof labels and peel and re-seal labels are also becoming increasingly popular due to the ongoing demands of new federal regulations. Flourescent colors can also increase the novelty appeal of your label. 

Promotional products alone have given label manufacturers something to work around the clock on. How many Planet Fitness bumper sticker have you seen in recent years?? It's rumored that the company will order in the neighborhood of 1.3 to 1.6 million of them this year alone. Coupons and IRC labels are also in high demand. More and more IRC's are being placed on packages for retail buyers. Promoting products can be the main intention of a novelty label. Custom labels can be given a new facelift with some of these novelty approaches. Sprucing up your current label may be just what the selling doctor ordered!!

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