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IRC's and Expanded Content Labels Marketing Your Products.

Looking for new and innovative ways to market and promote your product can be challenging. Success with IRC's and expanded content labels comes in the form of promotion for brand loyalty. When was the last time you offered your customers a reason to continue doing business with your company?? If you are a business owner, you can't be standing next to your customers every time they go to a store to purchase your product. What is going to set you aside from the competition? For years, packaging designers have been creating new and innovative packaging to make your product more eye catching to consumers. When you walk down the aisle in a store what is it that really sets you apart from the competition? Let's face it, any brand thats worth anything has packaging with just as much "pop" as yours!! 

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So what's next?? IRC's and expanded content labels have been used for brand loyalty by many companies. Often we see them on offers from companies like Proctor and Gamble, Johnson and Johnson, or even the large up and comers like 7th Generation. So why not take advantage of offering brand loyalty even if you are a smaller scale company. If you are competing in the retail world, why not model yourself after companies that have a proven track record of brand loyalty. Using an IRC or expanded content label can certainly give your customers reason to return to the shelf for your product. Try adding a coupon to the front of your packaging for your own brand loyalty. Click here to learn more about IRC's and expanded content labeling. 

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On Pack Labels- Redeeming Dry Technology.

Dry Technology Products can be a powerful marketing tool! This weeks Blog is brought to you by Mike Szymanski. With decades of experience in the label and packaging industry Mike can speak to a multitude of solutions for almost any application!

Instant Redeemable Coupons (IRC) are a label product which is most commonly applied to retail products to offer an instant in store discount or mail in rebate.

The removable coupon is created when the facestock and top film ply of the coupon base are separated from the bottom film ply on the substrate or the product its applied to. The dry coupon (no adhesive) can be printed in four color process or in just a couple of colors, many facestocks are available for the many different construction possibilities. Coupons are designed for automatic applications and they will all remove cleanly with no adhesive residue. Built in lift tab areas can be designed to facilitate consumer acceptance and will not obstruct the graphics underneath.

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IRCs can be presented and promotionally developed as a turnaround tool, for return coupons, proof of purchase, receipt cards, sweepstakes programs, and promotional labels.  Direct mail is another marketing use of this type of tool and its capabilities. One direct mail marketing use would be temporary I.D. cards. The garment industry would use this type of label as a removable hang tag, or another non-tacky type label.

The marketing of instant on-pack coupons, used on the outside of a package and that are removed and redeemed instantly for the product inside have the highest rate of success. This type of application has the highest redemption rate because you just peel and redeem, no clipping, saving or searching. List price is maintained by on-pack coupons, and eliminates double bookkeeping by the manufacturer and retailer. On-pack coupons can be implemented quickly with packaging changes being unnecessary and savings advantages offered without impairing brand image. Instant coupons encourage trial purchase and reward brand loyalty. Product labeling like food labels and beverage labels can be used like a coupon to market sweepstakes, games and contests to generate consumer involvement and brand recognition.

To ensure success of your coupon program we can suggest and supply ideas and the necessary materials that will aid in the specifications and pertinent information for construction design, development, and application of yoour labeling projects. Samples can be supplied upon request.   

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