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Pressure Sensitive Label Liners- Save Some Face (Stock)!!

This weeks blog is brought to you by Mike Szymanski. Mike has a wealth of knowlege in label printing and often times can point out simple solutions to complex problems.

It is very important how to remove a label from its liner. The proper way to remove a label from its liner is to peel the liner away from the label, not the label from the liner. Pulling the label from the liner can result in a weakening of the adhesive, a breakdown of the fiber in the face material, causing a permanent curl in the label.

Proper removal of the label from the liner and application to the substrate are important in obtaining proper adhesion. Curl put into the label during removal from the liner will contribute to the edges of the label lifting later. This problem is eliminated with automatically applied labels by peeling the liner from the label and dispensing a flat label onto the substrate. The same principle of removing the liner from the label versus the label from the liner should be used with hand-applied labels. 

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While pressure sensitive materials need no special activating agents to make them work, they do need pressure to properly bond. Labels should be applied to the substrate and then thoroughly rubbed down on the substrate. Pay particular attention to make sure the edges of the label are down.

Proper label removal from the liner and correct application to the substrate will eliminate many potential problems and greatly improve label performance. Use both approaches every time for improved label performance.

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Flexo 101: Please Be Kind and Give Me the Rewind (Code)?

Are you new to the world of machine application? Do you wonder what your co-packer means when he talks about rewind codes? Wondering what the core size should be or even the maximum outside diameter is for your roll? If you have any of these questions look no further! You are in the right place! 

Many growing companies who have a product that requires a label will sometimes find that switching over to machine application of labels can save them time and money in the long run. There are essentially two ways that business owners can proceed with machine application if they are tired of putting labels on by hand or just no longer have the time to do it. One- they can hire a copacker, or two- they can buy a machine and do it themselves. By the way, if you are looking for a recommended co-packer or labeling machine we can help you make a good choice

Copackers already have the labeling equipment in place so if you are a small business you might not want to shell out 30K on a new labeling machine and let a good copacker help you grow. On the other hand, if your company is growing like unwanted garden weeds you may want to consider investing in your own pressure sensitive labeling equipment. 

When you put a roll of labels in to an applicating machine there are certain things to take in to consideration. The most important things are how the label is placed on the product, which direction the text and art should be facing, and how the consumer is going to see what the label says or displays. If your copacker is asking you what the rewind code is then he is referring to the direction that the label comes off of the roll it is on. Here is a helpful chart for figuring out rewind codes!

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There are usually two more questions that a copacker or even a label manufacturer may discuss with you. Core size refers to the size of the core that your machine or your copackers machine is set up for. The majority of machine application labels will be on a 3 inch core but sometimes another size will be requested such as 1 inch. Lastly, you may be asked what the "Max-OD" of your roll can be. Simply put this is referring to the maximum outside diameter that your machine can hold such as 8 or 16 inches. 

Thanks for tuning in this week to Label Tech Inc's Flexo 101. We look forward to bringing you more helpful information soon!

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