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Pressure Sensitive Label Liners- Save Some Face (Stock)!!

This weeks blog is brought to you by Mike Szymanski. Mike has a wealth of knowlege in label printing and often times can point out simple solutions to complex problems.

It is very important how to remove a label from its liner. The proper way to remove a label from its liner is to peel the liner away from the label, not the label from the liner. Pulling the label from the liner can result in a weakening of the adhesive, a breakdown of the fiber in the face material, causing a permanent curl in the label.

Proper removal of the label from the liner and application to the substrate are important in obtaining proper adhesion. Curl put into the label during removal from the liner will contribute to the edges of the label lifting later. This problem is eliminated with automatically applied labels by peeling the liner from the label and dispensing a flat label onto the substrate. The same principle of removing the liner from the label versus the label from the liner should be used with hand-applied labels. 

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While pressure sensitive materials need no special activating agents to make them work, they do need pressure to properly bond. Labels should be applied to the substrate and then thoroughly rubbed down on the substrate. Pay particular attention to make sure the edges of the label are down.

Proper label removal from the liner and correct application to the substrate will eliminate many potential problems and greatly improve label performance. Use both approaches every time for improved label performance.

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