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IRC's, Folded Coupons, and Expanded Content Labels.

Are you looking to run a promotion on an existing product? Have you been offering your customers coupons? Does your product require expanded content labels? Could IRC's (instant redeemable coupons) be the key to some sales success at your company?

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IRC's, folded coupons and expanded content labels are growing ever more popular in todays label market. Whether you are a large scale company like 7th Generation or a small business that is looking to promote a product or service, these labels can come in quite handy. Recently 7th Generation ran a couple of different promotions for both their laundry detergents and their diaper packs. On the laundry detergent bottles you may have seen a promotional coupon for the Laurie Berkner Band. On their diaper packs there was an IRC for the new Dr. Seuss movie The Lorax. What was unique about both of these labels was the amount of information they could hold on them based on their constructions, and that they both had variable codes on them for customer's to redeem for either free music or a gift with purchase. 

For companies looking to boost sales over the holidays or to run a promotion for their customers, these different constructions of labels can be a real charge for their products! If you are curious about getting an IRC, expanded content label, or coupon quoted just give us a call!

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