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Embossing your Labels to the Top!!!

Embossing can give products or packaging an amazing visual appearance.

Embossing provides that "extra touch" that can take an existing label design over the top.  By adding an embossed foil label or sticker to a product, you’re making a statement that gets noticed every time.  Embossing can be used to highlight packaging and separate it from the many other products on the store shelves.  Typical applications include: wine bottle labels, cosmetic labels, health and beauty labels, vitamin supplement labels, pharmaceutical labels, candy and confection labels, food and bottle labels, anniversary labels, wedding labels, special occasion labels and custom promotional labels.

Embossing Roll

Embossing is a process that alters the surface of paper stock or other substrates by providing a three-dimensional or raised effect on selected areas.

The procedure requires the use of two dies: one that is raised and one that is recessed. The dies fit into each other so that when the paper is pressed between them, the raised die forces the stock into the recessed die and creates the embossed impression. A specific level of pressure is applied to the dies in order to squeeze the fibers of the paper, which results in a permanently raised area in the paper.

When the dies are produced, a die maker engraves the desired image into several metal plates, which are the embossing dies for use on an embossing press.  Generally, embossing is the process most often employed to attract attention or convey a high quality textural contrast in relation to the surrounding area of the paper stock. 

There are several different styles of embossing: 

1. Single level is a die that is straight and level and contains only one depth.  It is generally used for lines, borders and single-dimension images or line art.

2. Multi-level is a die that is also referred to as a dimensional die.  Several distinct levels of depth are used to add a variance in dimension to the image.  It is often used with images having unique detail, such as landscapes or feathers.

3. Beveled die has a versatile effect, creating the feeling of depth by adding highlight and shadow to layered shapes.

4. Sculptured die has a variety of depths.  The varying levels of the sculptured die create a dimensional depth and appearance for the embossed image.

Embossing is a great tool that can highlight products or packaging.  Be sure to seek a label manufacturer that has the experience and expertise when it comes to producing embossed labels.  Establish label manufacturers will have extensive knowledge and be able to recommend a suitable style for your product or packaging.

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