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The Seemingly Endless Possibilities of Printing Variable Data Labels.

Have you considered using variable information to personalize a label? Are you currently using a sequentially numbered labeling system to keep track of inventory? Wouldn't it be nice to put your customer's names on their products to personalize them? Well, what is variable information and what can you really do with it? There's more to variable information than just scratch tickets and consecutively numbered labels! We sat down with Plant Manager and variable data labels expert Peter Mullen this week to get his thoughts. Here's what he had to say.

What is variable information and how do we use it? Variable information is just what it says, a constant stream of data that can change label to label or line to line. You can use this information for anything from individually numbered municipal parking permits to a whole system that will allow you to pinpoint the location of any item on any rack in your inventory. Some other areas our customers have used variable data are to personalize a promotional item, bringing a sense of intimacy to your product that can have real impact. Nothing gets your attention more than seeing your name on a printed item, almost guaranteeing the person you are trying to target will read it.

One of the most common ways to use variable information is scratch off tickets which are used for more then just the lottery. I have seen tickets printed for internal use by some of the larger companies in world. These companies use the scratch off ticket as a way to keep their employees engaged by quizzing them on questions dealing with their business and giving prizes for scratching off the correct answer.

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Most companies that print variable data have several ways to accomplish this from ink jet to ION deposition to the new generation of digital printing presses. Ink jet and ION deposition when used in conjunction with a flexographic printing press can produce dramatic static graphics with as much variable information as can fit on the label. These presses due to their speed of running and selection of inks such as water base and ultraviolet make them an excellent choice for larger running jobs.

If your requirements include smaller quantities, then a digital press is the way to go. A digital press offers superior quality and is capable of printing each label with as much information change as needed including graphics. The beauty of printing your labels with a digital press is all the graphic changes can be done with out the added cost of purchasing plates that would be necessary on a conventional press.

Whichever process you chose to print your labels may be dictated by the subject and quantity of the pieces you are printing, but the possibilities to use variable information are endless.

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Beer Labels With Dynamic Numbering Flying Off Shelves!

Beer labels with "Dynamic Numbering" are flying off the shelves in New Hampshire! Local New Hampshire brewery White Birch Brewing has been brewing beer commercially since June of 2009. In a short time span the company has grown very well due to excellent micro brew beer and a unique approach to label design made possible by Digital Printing.

Not only is White Birch Brewing a great beer maker, but they also support local business when it comes to selecting vendors. With the addition of a new 7 barrel brewing system at their brewery in Hooksett, NH the company has been brewing close to 10,000 bottles of beer a month and sometimes more. 

Label design is important in an industry that is flooded; and with the gaining popularity of micro brew beer in America in recent years Brian Parda (Director of Marketing and Sales at WBB) and Bill Herlicka (Founder and Master Brewer) knew that they needed a unique label that would stand out in a crowd. Their approach was simple yet highly effective: use dynamic numbering on their labels. In the label biz we refer to this as variable data

Digital printing is a new technology that has allowed for short run multiple sku/lot printing to be cost effective and superior in quality. White Birch Brewing needed just that. Many of the beers that are made at WBB are limited in quantity and Brian and Bill wanted to convey that to the customer. If you look at the WBB label you notice almost immediately that the bottles are numbered dynamically. Want to buy a bottle of Bill's Belgian Style Pale Ale? Well, then you might appreciate knowing that you got bottle number 47 of 240, or 48 of 240, or possibly even bottle number 1 of 240. The WBB label itself will tell you.

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Here is what Brian Parda had to say about Label Tech Inc:

When we designed our labels, we wanted to showcase all the information beer lovers want to know about their beer. We also wanted to feature the size of our small batch production by numbering each bottle. LabelTech's ability to provide us with high quality digital printing and sequential numbering allowed us to do just that.

So if you get a chance to pick up a bottle of White Birch Brewing company's beer any time soon make sure you take a look at the label, it could be a number worth holding on to.


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