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Consumers Can't Resist the Temptation of Instant Redeemable Coupons

In today’s information age, consumers are used to having information readily available.  Consumer goods utilize labels to convey product information.  However, space on a label being limited, companies are always looking for ways to maximize the amount of information they can provide to consumers.  Instant Redeemable Coupons (IRCs) and Extended Content Labels (ECLs) are the perfect solution.  IRCs use an adhesive-backed liner to affix a promotional offer to a package.  ECLs add an extended printing surface folded into the final label package for an increase in content. 

According to a 2011 report by the Promotion Marketing Association's Coupon Council, instant on-pack coupon redemptions have increased by 32.6% from 2010. The recent economy has trained consumers to be more conscious of "savings opportunities,” seeking out products that can be purchased with coupons.  Coupons cause consumers to buy more than they otherwise would in a given time period, especially BOGO (buy one, get one) coupons.  IRC coupon labels are a cost effective means to attract attention to existing products. Today's consumers are drawn towards savings, more than ever.  When two products are side by side the one with the offer will move off the store shelves faster than the one without an offer. 

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Once the IRCs are applied to the product, the top layer of the coupon is removed revealing the coupon information.  Since there is no adhesive on the reverse side, the coupon can be easily peeled off, leaving no residue on the product.  The dry-release construction allows the consumer to immediately hand in the coupon to the cashier or mail it in for a discount.  IRCs can utilize 3 printing surfaces: the front panel, back panel and base.  Companies also use IRCs to bundle products or even entice consumers to try a new product. 

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Extended Content Labels or Booklet Labels are ideal for companies that have smaller labels or that would just like to have more information on their label.  Utilizing ECLs allows brand owners to: include federal and state required regulatory information at legible type sizes; provide value added product information, such as recipes, use instructions for consumers looking to educate themselves about product purchases; keep health and safety information with the product for the entire product life cycle; maintain space for brand and marketing messages; and include multi-lingual content.  Economic and sustainability benefits include reduction of SKUs, especially in the case of multiple export countries to reduce printing and inventory costs.

Because of the limited space on a standard label, IRCs and ECLs allow for companies to promote or display additional information about their product right where they need to, on the product itself, without destroying the visual appeal of their packaging.

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On Pack Labels- Redeeming Dry Technology.

Dry Technology Products can be a powerful marketing tool! This weeks Blog is brought to you by Mike Szymanski. With decades of experience in the label and packaging industry Mike can speak to a multitude of solutions for almost any application!

Instant Redeemable Coupons (IRC) are a label product which is most commonly applied to retail products to offer an instant in store discount or mail in rebate.

The removable coupon is created when the facestock and top film ply of the coupon base are separated from the bottom film ply on the substrate or the product its applied to. The dry coupon (no adhesive) can be printed in four color process or in just a couple of colors, many facestocks are available for the many different construction possibilities. Coupons are designed for automatic applications and they will all remove cleanly with no adhesive residue. Built in lift tab areas can be designed to facilitate consumer acceptance and will not obstruct the graphics underneath.

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IRCs can be presented and promotionally developed as a turnaround tool, for return coupons, proof of purchase, receipt cards, sweepstakes programs, and promotional labels.  Direct mail is another marketing use of this type of tool and its capabilities. One direct mail marketing use would be temporary I.D. cards. The garment industry would use this type of label as a removable hang tag, or another non-tacky type label.

The marketing of instant on-pack coupons, used on the outside of a package and that are removed and redeemed instantly for the product inside have the highest rate of success. This type of application has the highest redemption rate because you just peel and redeem, no clipping, saving or searching. List price is maintained by on-pack coupons, and eliminates double bookkeeping by the manufacturer and retailer. On-pack coupons can be implemented quickly with packaging changes being unnecessary and savings advantages offered without impairing brand image. Instant coupons encourage trial purchase and reward brand loyalty. Product labeling like food labels and beverage labels can be used like a coupon to market sweepstakes, games and contests to generate consumer involvement and brand recognition.

To ensure success of your coupon program we can suggest and supply ideas and the necessary materials that will aid in the specifications and pertinent information for construction design, development, and application of yoour labeling projects. Samples can be supplied upon request.   

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IRC's, Folded Coupons, and Expanded Content Labels.

Are you looking to run a promotion on an existing product? Have you been offering your customers coupons? Does your product require expanded content labels? Could IRC's (instant redeemable coupons) be the key to some sales success at your company?

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IRC's, folded coupons and expanded content labels are growing ever more popular in todays label market. Whether you are a large scale company like 7th Generation or a small business that is looking to promote a product or service, these labels can come in quite handy. Recently 7th Generation ran a couple of different promotions for both their laundry detergents and their diaper packs. On the laundry detergent bottles you may have seen a promotional coupon for the Laurie Berkner Band. On their diaper packs there was an IRC for the new Dr. Seuss movie The Lorax. What was unique about both of these labels was the amount of information they could hold on them based on their constructions, and that they both had variable codes on them for customer's to redeem for either free music or a gift with purchase. 

For companies looking to boost sales over the holidays or to run a promotion for their customers, these different constructions of labels can be a real charge for their products! If you are curious about getting an IRC, expanded content label, or coupon quoted just give us a call!

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Novelty Labels Revitalizing Custom Label Products!

What is a novelty label? Good question. Perhaps the greatest overlooked aspect of the label industry on the whole would be the novelty of a label or a "novelty label." Novelty labels are any kind of label that can be for fun, unusual, or new applications. For instance they may come in the form of kid's stickers at the doctor's office, or possible a coupon, or maybe a metallic label, or even an IRC label. Think about people using bumper stickers and making statements about who they are or what they believe in. However, novelty labels can be more than just bumper stickers and kid's stickers. Novelty labels can also be anything that is new and unusual. 

There are a wide array of materials and processes that can give a label novelty. Take holographic or fasprism materials for instance. These are materials designed for pressure sensitive printing that have a metallic sheen to them often times with some sort of reflective prism qualities to them. The company Kra-Ze out of Connecticut uses a holographic hot stamp on their clear "no-look" label. The result? Attention grabbing shelf appeal.

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Another way of creating a novelty label may be in the way the label is die cut. Inner die cuts can help a label have more than one application. Die cutting can help a label company get real creative when it comes to making labels for their customers. In the medical industry alone we are seeing more and more complex label designs not to mention health and beauty labels. Tamper proof labels and peel and re-seal labels are also becoming increasingly popular due to the ongoing demands of new federal regulations. Flourescent colors can also increase the novelty appeal of your label. 

Promotional products alone have given label manufacturers something to work around the clock on. How many Planet Fitness bumper sticker have you seen in recent years?? It's rumored that the company will order in the neighborhood of 1.3 to 1.6 million of them this year alone. Coupons and IRC labels are also in high demand. More and more IRC's are being placed on packages for retail buyers. Promoting products can be the main intention of a novelty label. Custom labels can be given a new facelift with some of these novelty approaches. Sprucing up your current label may be just what the selling doctor ordered!!

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