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Static Cling Labels & Static Decals: A Safe Non-Stick Solution!

We caught up with Label Tech product expert Mike Szymanski this week to talk about some of the uses of static decals and static cling labels in the pressure sensitive label industry. Mike has decades of experience with label companies and label manufacturers- here's what he had to say!

Static cling is a versatile and cost effective product with a variety of potential uses. Static Cling is often called by other names such as clings, window clings, static stickers, window decals. Most people in the printing industry associate static cling with the oil change “stickers” that service stations and express lube mechanics place inside a car’s windshield to remind the owner of the next scheduled maintenance.

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The major advantage in using it is that it works well without adhesives when applied to glass and some other clean smooth surfaces.  Applying static cling labels is a very easy operation and removing it is even easier.  It is not recommended being used on the outside of a car window, its static properties are not strong enough for it to have any long term life (adhesion) out in the elements or on a fast moving windshield or window.  They do hold up well on the inside of a car window in hot and cold conditions.  Once its purpose has been served, it is easy to remove and does not leave residue.

There are many other potential applications for static cling products, including point-of-purchase signs, organizational decals (college, police and charitable organizations), instruction labels, product feature labels (four color process printed advertising on the window doors of market freezers),graphics and decorations, and warning signs, loyalty programs, direct mail promotions. Also, collectible characters, seasonal or temporary promos, sunglass labels, and they all can be printed in many colors and different shapes and sizes.  Static cling labels or decals draw attention to products or to point of purchase promotions.

Label Tech Inc has the technology and the know how to provide you with a quality static cling product which works well, and which looks great whether it is printed in one color or in four color process plus.  We encourage you to keep your eyes open for potential uses for static cling. We are always happy to answer questions and provide samples for all the labeling you may have.

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UL Labels- Is Your Label Manufacturer Certified??

How do you plan on certifying your product's safety? Perhaps you have considered writing a garauntee on your product's packaging? Or, if you are looking to be official then you are probably looking in to the Underwriters Laboratories- otherwise known as UL. Headquartered in Illinois, the UL develops standards and test procedures for products, materials, components, assemblies, tools and equipment, primarily having to do with product safety. Chances are if you are looking for a UL certification then you are also going to need a UL certified label printer. 

The UL mark on your product is a powerful statement that signifies your product has gone through stringent testing and is certified by Underwriters laboratories as safe for the general public. Now you need a label that will announce that fact to the consumer. Not all printers are certified by Underwriters Laboratories to print these labels. Just as the product itself, the label manufacturer needs to go through the same stringent testing to be recognized by Underwriters laboratories as being certified to print “the mark” that signifies UL acceptance of the process and materials used to produce the label. The label manufacturer must be qualified as part of Underwriters laboratories component-marking and labeling systems for the privilege and right to print the UL mark.

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Many products fall into the category that would require this level of certification some samples being appliances, electrical cords and other electronic devices. If you are looking for a UL certified label manufacturer then you have come to the right place. Stay tuned for more valuable pressure sensitive label information from Label Tech Inc.

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