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What are the Requirements for UL Label Printing?

Specialty Finishes - Designing Eye-Catching Labels

Specialty Coatings - Not Your Standard Label Varnish

Making Sure Drug Labels Are In Healthy Shape

Varnish vs. Lamination: Purpose Driven Protection

Making Sure Nutraceutical Labels are in Tip Top Shape

First Glance - The Impact Of Color On Consumer Choice

Moving From Digital to "Flexo", the Tipping Point

Proofs - The Proof is in the Proofing

Beverage Labels - Find Out What's Trending

[Kra-Ze] Vodka - It's Crazy Good!!!

Don't Hit a Snare When Making Custom Drum Labels

Embossing your Labels to the Top!!!

Scratch and Win!!!

Static Cling Decals - How Static Are They?

Consumers Can't Resist the Temptation of Instant Redeemable Coupons

Taking Custom Food Labels to the Next Level

Beer Label Requirements

Choosing a Label Manufacturer

Beer Goggles - Taking a Closer Look at Craft Beer Labels

Color Proofing Your Labels Before Production.

IRC's and Expanded Content Labels Marketing Your Products.

Is Your Custom Food Label FDA Approved?

On Pack Labels- Redeeming Dry Technology.

IRC's, Folded Coupons, and Expanded Content Labels.

Pressure Sensitive Label Liners- Save Some Face (Stock)!!

Static Cling Labels & Static Decals: A Safe Non-Stick Solution!

UL Labels- Is Your Label Manufacturer Certified??

Novelty Labels Revitalizing Custom Label Products!

Why Are You Being So "Pressure" Sensitive? No More Cut'n'Stack!

Packaging and Flexo Labels: We have an Application for that!

Flexo 101: A Survival Guide for the Pressure Sensitive Label.

Label Tech Sticks Custom Food Labels on Bove's of Vermont!!

Are You Seeing Dubbel?? Beer Bottle Labels Come into Focus.

Digital Label Printing- Cutting Costs One Plate at a Time.

Flexo 101: To FSC Or Not To FSC?

Label Printing Company Talks Green in a Wasteful Industry (Part 2).

Label Printing Company Talks Green in a Wasteful Industry (Part 1)

The Da Vinci (QR) Code: Labels that Pack Information!

The Seemingly Endless Possibilities of Printing Variable Data Labels.

Flexo 101: Please Be Kind and Give Me the Rewind (Code)?

Is Your Label Printer Color Blind??

Always Use Protection- We Are Talking about Labels!

Flexo 101: 7 Helpful Hints to Choosing a Commercial Printer.

Beer Labels With Dynamic Numbering Flying Off Shelves!

What the Heck is Four-Color Process? AKA 4CP.

Considering what makes your food labels stick?

Color Match Issues for Food Labels Conquered by Label Tech Inc Again!

Label Tech Inc, your expert in Flexographic Label Printing.

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