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Is Your Custom Food Label FDA Approved?

Is your custom food label FDA approved? This is the most important question for companies engaged in food processing industry that have to comply with various safety regulations. Failure to comply with these rules invites hefty fines and penalties which can be financially devastating.

Various parameters have to be accounted for to make sure that your custom food labels are FDA approved. In order to ensure standardization of food labeling procedures and to ascertain that sufficient nutritional information was brought to the knowledge of the end user, each label must contain information in a particular format to ensure easy representation of necessary information. All packaged food products are required to carry these labels. Hence, hiring the services of experts who make custom food labels is always handy to ensure that your custom food labels adhere to FDA requirements.

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An expert custom food label maker ascertains that your label features the following.

Identification mark

As per FDA compliance, the label maker ensures that every label of the food product contain the product name, the contact details of the producer as well as the size of the product.

Ingredients of the product

Each of the custom food labels must contain information regarding the contents of the product in descending order by predominance or by weight. A custom label maker lists all ingredients used in manufacturing the product in a clear and legible manner.

Serving size

FDA requires that every pack of the product clearly specify the size of the servings as well as the number of servings per pack. The professional label maker lists out nutritional break down per servings as required.

Nutritional facts

A professional custom label maker clearly specify information regarding per serving values for calories, total fat, sodium, cholesterol, total carbohydrates, protein, vitamins etc in accordance with FDA approvals.

Daily values

As per the requirements of FDA, the custom food label maker mentions percentage of daily values specifying per serving nutritional value of your product based on a 2,000 calorie a day diet.

Health claims

By listing informational evidence of claims made by your company regarding low calories, low fat, the expert label maker ensures that your custom food labels comply with FDA regulations.

Quality standards

Complying with minimum quality standard is a prime necessity and must be listed on custom food labels. Failing to do so can result in huge penalties. An experienced custom label maker list out necessary details and avoid such a situation.

Thus, various things have to be mentioned in deep detail in order to ensure that your custom food labels are FDA approved. Food labels that comply with FDA standards sell faster and get better customer response than others. All these can’t be attained without hiring a reputable custom food label maker. Businesses that don’t hire a professional label maker often fail to achieve the desired success in the long run. So, take the help of a professional custom food label maker and enjoy an edge over your competitors.

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